Tuesday, July 14, 2015

தமிழில் பங்குச் சந்தை மேலும் புதிய பகுதிகள்

தமிழில் பங்குச் சந்தை மேலும் 4 புதிய பகுதிகளை இப்போது யூடியூப் தளத்தில் காணலாம்.



Balaji Jayaraman said...

Hi Mohan

I have seen your video tutorials about share market trading. Your efforts are laudable. You might not get proper responses from viewers quickly (I understood that through 1st video tutorial), but it gives broader views to many of them.

I like your aggregation of many links across the web(regarding share market trading) in your blogs. We need person like you to spread the awareness.

Keep up the good effort. Best of luck!

Rajesh Kumar said...

Nalla muyarchi ..... Thodarattum ungam pani...... Na ungaloda part 1 to 13 videos full-a download panni pathachi yanna pola sambathika asapadravangaluku usefull-a irunthurukumnu nambara....